[quarantine: day 145] its august


[list] good reads and links: wk 2020-07-06
[quarantine: day 115] purchases from bandcamp day (july)


[list] good reads and links: wk 2020-06-29
[quarantine: day 108] “how many parts are there of avengers?”
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[quarantine: day 94] the shame room
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[list] collection of causes and community bail funds (updating)
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[quarantine: day 79] a socially distanced birthday
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[quarantine: day 66] “2 words, slimey”
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[quarantine: day 55] “i’m okay, how are you?”
[quarantine: day 54] big mini-golf vibes
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[quarantine: day 52] tom nook ruins lives
[quarantine: day 51] get down to bidness
[quarantine: day 51] releases i purchased on bandcamp’s fee-waiving day (may edition)


[playlist] love songs #14: you’re poison in the pretty glass
[quarantine: day 48] “i hope you  walk through life with a smile”
[quarantine: day 47] get to the gig
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[playlist] best of april 2k20: “shameika said i had potential”
[list] all the times i have seen the national (and their side projects)
[playlist] best of march 2k20: “when the ending comes, is it gonna run at us like a wild-eyed animal?”
[quarantine: day 40] fourtwentytwenty
[list] good reads and links: wk 2020-04-20
[quarantine: day 38] “i hate chib”
[quarantine: day 36] i love my friends
[quarantine: day 33] pivoting from a gym routine to home workouts
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[quarantine: day 30] friends bonanza
[quarantine: day 29] it me
[quarantine: day 27] John Prine (10/10/46 - 4/6/2020)
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[video] still bill


[video] hbd ‘bitches brew’
[list] good reads: wk 2020-03-30
[personal audio] creeping step-back
[quarantine: day 17] chat with some friends
[quarantine: day 16] the weather outside
[list] seinfeld episode plots nullified by the cellphone
[quarantine: day 15] flip-flop weather
[list] items i purchased during bandcamp’s covid-19 drive
[video] brainwash me brainwash me please
[quarantine: day 12] i regret not getting a haircut
[quarantine: day 12] big fandom
[pod-list] fresh air episodes vol. #1
[video] the national @ el castell embruixat (2006)
[playlist] love songs #13: i don’t know how to compete with your guy
[playlist] love songs #12: that’s gone and your love is like a knife
[playlist] love songs #11: roses really smell like poo-poo-ooh
[playlist] love songs #10: and you won’t know what you got til its gone
[quarantine: day 11] one week out of many
[quarantine: day 9] social distancing requires good friends
[playlist] love songs #9: every time i speak it comes out the wrong way
[playlist]: love songs #8: and you are broken perfect
[playlist]: love songs #7: hold ourselves together with our arms around the stereo
[playlist]: love songs #6: i always loved you to the max
[playlist]: love songs #5: just take me one time around the ballroom slow
[quarantine: day 7] things i miss before this shit


[playlist] a set of songs released during the month of february in the year 2020
[playlist]: love songs #4: i’m sick of meaning, i just want to hold you
[playlist]: love songs #3: i wanna be with you and waste my time


[playlist]: love songs #2: let me tie your nikes
i deleted instagram
[playlist]: love songs #1: i only want to die in your eyes
[playlist] a set of songs released during the month of january in the year 2020



[playlist] a set of cut gems from 2019
[list] a set of personal favorites from 2019


reducing 100+ repos to 23 repos on github



[list] all of the albums i enjoyed from 2018


Post-Portfolio: Going Beyond Showcasing



De-Bloating My Developer Portfolio