[list] seinfeld episode plots nullified by the cellphone

March 26, 2020

Seinfeld episodes that would be over after the 2 minutes with the cellphone.

The Chinese Restaurant

George would have never had to hang around the pay phone had he had a cell phone.

The Puffy Shirt

The Wendel Meldrum’s character (the low-talker”) could’ve emailed or texted the proposition.

The Movie

Missed connections would’ve been harder to pull off with a group chat.

The Wallet pt. 1

Instead of George assuming what Jerry wanted for the pilot, he could’ve texted him.

The Lip Reader

Instead of using Kramer as a proxy translator for sign-language, Marlee Matlin’s character could’ve directly texted Geroge.

The Junk Mail

There wouldn’t be junk mail, just trash spam mail.

The Chinese Woman

The crossed-lines issue would have had a back-up, though I doubt Jerry would be using the land-line to call George in 2020.