I Write Seinfeld: “The NFT”
During the NFT peaks and highs, I got the bug to write a Seinfeld episode. Never got to finish it, maybe I’ll eventually. If you come across this
Notable Data Sets By nyc.gov Open Data
New York City has a pretty robust library of data that is constantly updated. These data sets are public and available to anyone. Here are some of
[quarantine: day 51] releases i purchased on bandcamp’s fee-waiving day (may edition)
The Song is Coming From Inside The House - Compilation r beny - natural fiction Cut Worms - “Alien Sunset” No Age - Goons Be Gone (Cassette) Munya -
i deleted instagram
I fucking did it. Well kind of. Disdain for social media at this point is almost universal. I’d estimate that most of us use it begrudgingly, only
[playlist] a set of cut gems from 2019
Music that might’ve been missed by your trusted source for music
[list] a set of personal favorites from 2019
(Sandy) Alex G - House of Sugar Frog - Count Bateman Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains 100 gecs - 1000 gecs Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising Orville
reducing 100+ repos to 23 repos on github
KonMari everything, at least that is what I’ve been doing a lot since the new year. Though I haven’t watched the Marie Kondo series (yet), I’ve
[list] all of the albums i enjoyed from 2018
A list of records that I enjoyed listening to in non-sequential order. Amen Dunes - Freedom Anna Burch - Quit The Curse Anna McClellan - Yes and No
Post-Portfolio: Going Beyond Showcasing
More than a year ago, I wrote a blog post on iterating through my programmer portfolio. The intention was to reflect on my mindset as a nascent
De-Bloating My Developer Portfolio
This originally was published on my Medium blog and on DEV The eyes are the window to your soul and your personal site is the porthole to your code.