Post-Portfolio: Going Beyond Showcasing

November 1, 2018

More than a year ago, I wrote a blog post on iterating through my programmer portfolio. The intention was to reflect on my mindset as a nascent programmer and my growth during my time at a coding-bootcamp. I had mentioned in the post that I had intended to keep a blog, or at least create a blog section.

                it me

A year later, that intention has finally come to fruition, but with a lot of changes in my life. I authored the article as a career seeker, looking for my first programmer position, and intending to author much more. But towards the end of the summer of 2017, I was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity with a great company in New York City, and much of my focus had been geared towards on-boarding and work.

Thus we’ve landed here. With the hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of programming under my belt, I’ve learned a lot about JavaScript, web development, and quite a lot about myself. I hope to document all of that, and keep a steady habit of technical blogging.