reducing 100+ repos to 23 repos on github

cleaning caution signs yellow

KonMari everything, at least that is what I’ve been doing a lot since the new year. Though I haven’t watched the Marie Kondo series (yet), I’ve attempted to distill the basic principles of her method and attempted to apply them to my digital life.

Though I think joy’ aspect of the method is a bit kitschy, I do think the idea of examining all of your possessions both digital and material. I started with the amount of information I was processing on a daily basis, like the number of social media accounts that I follow. The criteria, does this account serve any vital purpose to me on a daily basis?.

Rather than finding repos that don’t spark joy, I was looking for repos that don’t spark insight or a project of substance. Like a crowded closet, filled to the brim and unable to find what you need, my Github was becoming unmaintainable.

cleaning caution signs yellow

The number of half-baked projects and hello world repos was beginning to look uninspiring. The work that I am proud of is buried underneath the shallow grave of misfires and procrastination. So the solution was to delete away, with no mercy.

cleaning caution signs yellow

The result, I’ve manage to cut down from 110+ Github repos to a mere 23.

cleaning caution signs yellow


  • Less clutter on your Github (and conscious)
  • Easier to find repos


  • You lose all of your green squares
  • Your Github can look a little empty

The Aftermath

I was supposed to write and publish this blog post in early 2019, but never got around to it. The main intent of removing those was to increase productivity, which I can confidently say, did not inspire much in that department.

Do I feel better? I think I do. There isn’t a nagging thought in my mind that I need to work on multiple side projects, but I do miss the wall of green squares that I had.

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